About Us

Beit El Fann is a cultural centre housed in an old villa in the middle of El Mina in north Lebanon. One of the only institutions of its kind in the region, it was conceptualized and founded by Mr. Nohad El Zeilaa and Mr. Abdul Nasser Yasseen, and granted the status of an association in 1994 (permit no. 323/AD). In addition to its founding members, the Beit El Fann Association also functions as the node for several other artistic groups,  including painters, actors, musicians, poets, and filmmakers. The centre and its members aim to help the surrounding area to develop its cultural and touristic capital. To this end, Bit El Fann works both on the grass-roots level, working together with various other groups and associations locally, but also on an international level, binding Tripoli into a stretching network across the Middle East and the entire world.

Beit El Fann’s regular programming includes a wide range of cultural and educational activities for Tripoli and its surroundings, as well as special events such as workshops, concerts, exhibitions, and theater and art festivals.

Beit El Fann has a theater, a studio, an exhibition hall, a computer lab, and a reception and meeting hall, as well as a cafeteria and two private, fully-furnished apartments. The centre is located only 70 kilometers from the Beirut Hariri International Airport.

Nowadays, the center of Beit el Fann has changed its name to “Azm Cultural Center – Beit el Fann” as a thanking gesture to the patronage of his Excellency, our beloved Mr. Najib Mikati