Literary Salon

Since that communication and dialogue are the essential core of El-AZM Cultural Center work, we strive to enrich the value of our lectures and seminars that contribute to enhance intellectual meetings, and support neutral positions for the security of society and the strengthening of regional cooperation that will be fostered and can in turn foster connectivity, regional cooperation and people-to-people exchange interdependently and jointly.
El-AZM Cultural Center is a haven for writers and poets from Lebanon and the Arab world. Therefore, poetry readings, seminars and lectures for this great linguistic legacy are always conducted to reflect the importance of facing the challenges the Arabic language is encountering these days and which in turn will enable us to maintain the richness and vitality of our language.
We keep intensively working on our literary program, prose and poetry and we keep endorsing newly published books and supporting authors and writers by making El-AZM Cultural Center a platform for their talent and creativity.
We’ve hosted some of the best writers, lecturers and intellectuals such as Youssef Zaydan and Judge Tarik Ziadeh and Minister Rashid Derbass and many others. As for poets, Yunus Jr. and Rudy Rahmeh and Thourayeh Majdoleen and Tripoli Forum for poetry and El-Makmal poets and many others. All of this was and still based on the legacy and heritage of Tripoli and the North that are rich in thought and poetry that allow the new generation to follow in the steps of the biggest names in literature and poetry such as Asaad El-Sebaali and El-Fayhaa’s Saba Zurayk and more of the best educated, knowledgable, intellectual and cultivated people.