Fine Art

Civilization is what distinguishes nations and people and Art is the key factor that distinguishes one civilization from another. Is there anything more beautiful than drawing and painting, the language of connecting and interacting?
There is no doubt that the Age of Enlightenment in Europe has contributed to the foundation of artistic and intellectual renaissance in Tripoli and the North of Lebanon. Speaking of Fine Art, it is worthy to mention the meeting of the artist Youssef Howayek with the world renowned painter and writer Jibran Khalil Jibran, in Paris in 1909 that gave birth to the first Fine Art revolution that led the Education Minister, El-Sheikh Mohammed Hussein El-Jisr in 1920 to send a number of Lebanese students to specialize and for the first time ever in drawing and painting.
Today, Fine Artists play a pivotal role in this cultural movement through exhibitions, along with the important role of the Faculty of Arts and cultural centers in the dissemination of culture beauty, mysteries of light and communication of colors that raised the level of public taste and made people thirsty for unmatched performance and expression away from their daily struggle.
As a result, and to give an equal recognition for other arts, The House of Art (Beit El-Fann) organizes Art Exhibitions all year long specializing in Arabic calligraphy, motifs and miniatures plus exhibitions of images, light and sculptures and hosts some of the biggest names of painters in Lebanon and the world, but keeping local talent as their number one priority.